January 4, 2006 – The day my life changed forever

I was eating dinner with my family at Texas Roadhouse when I got this awful pinching sensation at the corner of my left eye.  By the time I had made it home the pain had attacked my forehead and felt like I had a little martian behind my eye trying to push is out of my head.  This pain lasted for the next 10  days despite all efforts by myself and doctors.  I was able to enjoy the next two weeks of the second semester of my senior year of high school before hell set in for the next 6 months!

The next round of pain set in and stayed with me as I said for 6 months.  There was lots of tears and hopelessness in this time.  The pain started at the base of my skull on the left side and felt as if an ice pick was being driven straight through my skull.  Those pesky little martians continued to attack the back side of my eye.  My scalp would feel as if I had a blow torch on it.  These joyous sensations were only felt on the left side of my head.

After seeing my family doctor and countless ER visits, I finally had my first appointment with a neurologist.  And after a month quickly realized that was a bust.  He never listened to a word I said and prescribed me medicine that I was very allergic to.  So on to the next one.  This experience was slightly better.  The pain was never able to be controlled with medications.  I have tried everything possible under the sun.  FInally in a desperate attempt we tried Botox over the entire left side of my head.  HALLELUJAH! It finally provided some relief for about 3 months.  At this point Botox was still not an FDA/insurance approved treatment for “migraines” so that was my only shot.  My neurologist was out of options and I was on to the next one.  From there I had been seen at the Diamond Headache Clinic (that’s another post for another day) and the Cleveland Clinic.  Both with no success.

It was not until I saw a pain specialist at home that I was finally able to get some relief.


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