Is it back???

After my surgery I was pain free for over two years! I was so excited.  I had my life back.  Living in pain everyday starts to consume every thought in your life.  I had forgot how to live without pain.  Once the pain was gone, I went balls to the wall! I had 3 jobs, I was coaching a dance team, life was great!  I met the perfect man for me and I was expecting a daughter.

After she was born I thought life was perfect and that things couldn’t get any better.  I was right….they got worse.  I started having pain again.  This time it was sporadic.  It wouldn’t last more than a day or so.  I had my occasional pain that visited over the next three and a half years.

February 2014 I received my promotion at work.  Hello stress.  The occasional pain became more frequent.  In April I decided to have botox again and they only injected the left side of my forehead.  Hello relief!  Once again this only lasted for about three months.


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