Ouch! My hair hurts

I get the weirdest looks every time I tell someone that my hair hurts.  Some days it actually hurts.  Other days its just my scalp and horrific days it’s both.  AGHHHH!

Around November/December the pain was more than bearable. A friend had reached out to me about essential oils. Desperate for relief I went all in! Essential oils are fabulous and I use them in my every day life.

The pain I was feeling in my head and face came back and stopped responding to anything I was doing. Once again I sought out help from Botox. In June I only had the injections done on the left side of my forehead and my left temporalis. A week later the majority of the pain was gone. The only thing left was this awful pain in my scalp. Every time my hair moved, my scalp hurt. Washing my hair, my scalp hurt.

At this point I was desperate for help.  I cried every time I took a shower.  I cried every time I had to fix my hair.  I decided to take my haircut to an even shorter pixie cut hoping that would help.  It did ease the pain a bit during the day, but washing my hair was still awful.

In August I went back to have the other side of my forehead injected with Botox thinking it may help with the pain.  I had been in contact with my family doctor so they were aware of how bad everything had become now.  We decided to wait a week after my injections to reevaluate and let the botox settle.  Once again I still had the scalp pain.

At this point everything was still pretty tolerable.  I had my good days and my bad days.  The week of my birthday came around in September and it became unbearable yet again.  I was able to get my redo of the left botox injections moved up from the end of September a couple weeks earlier.  This time we injected my forehead, temporalis and the top of my scalp all the way back to my numb line from my previous surgery, hoping that this would help.  I gave it a week and still the scalp pain was there.


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