Hair, Wigs and Second Opinions

I am now at my full dosage of the new medicine and I have been for a little over a week.  Most of the side effects have lessened now, I no longer feel drunk and I’m not having any vision issues anymore.  The only side effects I have still have are memory issues, some speech problems and annoying leg aches.  Some days are worse than others but I try to keep finding humor in the fact I feel 80 years old.  I have had some weight gain and I finally feel at a point that I can do something to help combat additional gains.


On positive notes I feel as though I have more positive days than not.  I do feel the medicine is working on helping me manage the pain.  I currently started physical therapy to do some upper cervical manipulations.  After doing lots of research on ways to manage the pain upper cervical chiropractic care is one of them.  So far I have only had 2 appointments, so I will post more on how this is working out for me.

I have decided to have a second opinion and this coming Thursday I see a pain specialist that loves the thrill of Trigeminal Neuralgia patients and has a great success rate with the treatment.

I am doing everything I can to find ways to cope with the pain without the use of pain medicine.  I started wearing wigs at the end of August after I tried on a wig for fun and I noticed the wig cap held my hair in place and it helped with the pain tremendously.

I love wearing the wigs.  It’s a lot of fun to be able to change your hair every day without any damage to your natural hair.  Plus I have met a wonderful community of other wig wearers that are the most amazing women ever!

Speaking of hair….I have had lots of discussions regarding my hair with my family and my doctor.  I cannot even describe how much pain comes from my hair.   People look at me as if I am crazy when I say that my hair hurts.  Hair cuts are excruciating and I keep my hair in a short pixie cut to help minimize the pain.  Well after lots of begging, I finally just said screw it and I shaved my head.  It was the BEST decision I have made since this pain has started.  The relief was almost immediate.  Showers are no longer as painful, I can almost touch my scalp with normal pressure without screaming in pain.  The day after I shaved my head was the least painful day I have had in a very very very long time.

I will do almost anything to keep my pain at bay.  If it means becoming the next Sinead O’Connor or Demi Moore you better believe I will jump on that train right away!


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