Well lots of things have happened since my last post.  I have now had 3 sets of injections.  They all majorly sucked.   The medicine changes have greatly helped decrease the intensity of the pain.  I had the MRI that my doctor requested and once again is came back negative for any abnormalities.   Basically all that says is there is no tumor or evidence of MS.  I know there can still be a compression even though it is not visible on the MRI.

Injection #1 – Stellate Ganglion Block


This first injection wasn’t too painful to experience.  My neck was pretty sore but nothing some ibuprofen couldn’t take the edge off of.  My excruciating scalp pain was pretty well instantly relieved and really has yet to come back.  Some time it will still rear it’s ugly head.  My ear pain was calmed for about a week, which was a nice break.


Injection #2 – Supra Orbital, Supra Trochlear and Maxillary


This injection was hell.  During my exam before my doctor found a new trigger point (YAY…not)  I was in a full blown attack going into the procedure.  During recovery the nurses put an ice pack on my face to help with the swelling and unfortunately all that did was put in into excruciating pain.  It took about two week for the steroids to really start working and I managed to be pain free for a week free.  That week was amazing and almost eerie.  I had been in so much pain for so long I forgot what it was like to be “normal” again.  Once the pain came back it was a bitch.  Man.  I don’t know what I did to piss off the TN gods but geesh.  The follow week was awful waiting to go back to see the doctor for the third injection.


Injection #3 – VII Cranial Nerve & Repeat Stellate Ganglion Nerve Block


This injection hurt like hell.  It was not fun.  He did my neck first for the Stellate Ganglion and then the VII Cranial nerve.  This one was just in front of and below my ear.  It was very uncomfortable.  The pressure he applied after the injection put me into another attack.  (insert eye roll).   The next several days were extremely painful and then once again I experienced pain free days!  This time it was only 4, but hey it was a chance to be normal again.  Sometimes the pain of the injections is completely worth it just to have a small window of relief.   Once again the pain has come back with vengeance.  😦


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