Uhh…repeat that?

Did you know that you need to be able to think clearly to function at work? with your kid? in a marriage? Yeah well that all goes out the window when you are on high doses of two anticonvulsant medicines.  I knew it was time to do something when I could not comprehend what I was reading off, I started to question my boss and I could not read out loud.  Plus why experience all this when clearly the pain is still there?

I went back to the doctor and they decided to drop my gabapentin dose from 2700mg a day to 1800mg a day over a span of two weeks.  I was terrified.  I knew the pain would increase, but I knew it had to done.  At the very end of the two weeks I had a 2 day work conference.  Let’s just say that was a WHOLE lot of fun! (Completely sarcastic) I was in excruciating pain through the entire thing.  I wasn’t able to spend time with my other coworkers in the evening.  I went to bed and took my max amount of break through meds and hoped the sleep would make it better the next day.  It didn’t.  The weather did not help at all.  It was rainy and storming.  The ride home was even worse.  Those days are the hardest not to let this completely get me down.

I’m fully down to 1800mg now and have had more pain than I can remember at the beginning. My pain doctor wants to implant a neurostimulator on my Stellate Ganglion which is located in front of my spinal cord at the C6 level.  I questioned how this would work considering the injection didn’t provide that much relief. In a moment of desperation I agreed to start the process of insurance approval. I had to complete a psych evaluation (yes I passed!) but it was pretty much a joke.

I know the complications that can come from stimulators, my stepdad had one for his back. I needed someone to talk some sense into me. I went and saw my NP knowing she would help talk me through the pain. We decided that I would not do anything until I saw Dr Casey for a second opinion.

Call made…appointment set in 3 weeks. April 18th.




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