Just around the corner!

Yesterday I received the call with the arrival time for my surgery. I expected to start getting nervous and scared by now and I’m not. Honestly the biggest thought on my mind is today being my last day of work for the next 2-6 weeks. 

The emotions started when I went back after the holiday weekend knowing I only had 4 days left.  My wonderful work family put together a “Support McKenna” flyer to hand out to all of our residents.  As of this morning Darrel now has to shave his head!!!!

The overwhelming love and support has been amazing.  Yesterday was hard. It was an extremely painful day. I cannot wait until I’m no longer a human barometer! But aside from the pain it really hit me that I only had 2 working days left. I have so much pride and responsibility for my property that it’s hard for me to just hand over the reigns while I’m gone. I trust my team completely but if something doesn’t get done, I feel like it’s my fault because I wasn’t there to remind them.   As the day went on, those emotions started changing to happy/sad feelings. All of the calls and visits really made my day. They also made me realize how much I’m going to miss being there.  My work family and my residents really make my job so amazing. 

This weekend is going to be so crazy busy I’m not going to have time to think.  My dad and I are heading to Detroit Sunday so I can be there for preop testing Monday morning.  My surgery will be here before I know it.  Right now I’m just excited for the outcome. A day without pain is so close. I will not miss having icepicks, lightning bolt shocks and knife stabs in my face.  

4 days left. 
Click here to find our Give Forward page to help with donations and a meal train. 


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