The Curse of Week 3

Today I am 3 weeks post op.  Today has been probably one of the most painful since I’ve been home.  I had been warned about how weeks 3 & 4 are probably the worst in recovery.  Well I’m here to tell you that these people are correct.  The stupid pain didn’t wait very long before it decided to say “Heyyyyyy, I’m here let’s play”.   Probably the past 4-5 nights have been awful for me.  I’ve been crying myself to sleep.  I’m having a lot of sharp pain around my incision.  Today I had a few zaps at the very top of my incision.  My neck muscles are so tight and I can feel the pull all the way up to my forehead.  UGH!  Finding a position where I can fall asleep is a LOT of fun.  HA!  I usually end up wedged between two pillows since laying on my incision is painful.

Ghost pains – Healing Pains that run along trigeminal nerve but have no trigger.  Today I felt my first ghost pain, in my chin.  I had hoped that I wouldn’t have to experience these.  I wanted my face to be completely free from all types of pain.  Even though these are to be considered healing of the nerve, it’s never fun to have pain of any kind after going through this for the past year.  Now granted this pain is more annoying than anything, it may register as a 1-2 on the pain scale compared to the off the charts pain from before.

My ear has been my biggest annoyance out of all of this.  My left ear feels like I’m underwater constantly.  In the past few days its has been popping and loudly!  Every time I swallow it pops.  Sometimes the echo of my voice is so loud that I have to plug my ear just to talk without hearing myself talk.  Today I’ve also had intense pain inside my ear;  I’m telling myself it’s ghost pain.

I’m hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day.

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