Long overdue update


So it’s been FOREVER since I have posted an update on going back to work and how I’ve been.  My last update ended at 6weeks.  I am now almost 2 months away from my 1 year anniversary.  WOW!! Time has really gone by quickly

After my last post I became complete PAIN FREE and we were starting to lower my medication.  I would say I was completely pain free for about 6 weeks before my lovely children decided to share their cold/sinus infections with me.  That’s when I went down hill again.  I want to say that was in August.  We amped up my Tegretol and I walked around in a complete stupor for about 2 weeks before I adjusted to the massive increase.  On the bright side it did seem to help.  My pain leveled out and I was back to having really good days and the occasional bad day.

Around November/December I started experiencing excruciating burning on the left side of my face.  At times it felt like my face was being burned off by acid, others it was just a blow torch on it.  I emailed Dr. Casey the day that started and we decided to try a tri-cylic antidepressant that works well with that type of pain sensation.  I started Imipramine and it took about a week before I could really tell a difference.  About two weeks of being on it I was back to being completely PAIN FREE again!  I would have about 4-5 pain free days followed by 1-2 days where the pain wasn’t as bad as before but enough for my frown lines to appear again.

Due to an issue with Dr. Casey being out of the country for 3 weeks in February, my prescription of the imipramine lapsed and I dealt with the pain again until I was able to speak with him.  There was a mix up at his office on getting my script refilled.  Dr. Casey quickly took care of it when he returned and deeply apologized.  Up until about two weeks ago I was still in pretty regular pain again.  I was at my work annual seminar when I was hit with a whopper of an attack.  I seriously work for the BEST company and people.  They took care of me and made sure that I was ok and resting.  I decided that day I was going to get the daith piercing when I got back home.  At this point I figured I have a 50/50 chase for it to work and if it doesn’t help then I have a cute new piercing.

I get asked all the time if I feel this has worked.  100% is the only way I can answer it.  Even if I still experience pain it is no where near the GOD AWFUL pain it was before.  I can live and function now.  I would do it over again in a heartbeat.  To me, I have had a successful MVD.