One Year Surgiversary

One year!  WOW!! I woke on June 7th, and at first it didn’t even hit me as I woke up even though I was talking about it the day before.  While getting ready for work I had to sit down as this flood of emotions came over me.  I was crying before I knew it, but it wasn’t because I was sad.  I was thankful for everything I had overcome not only in the past year but the past 11!!!!

11 years ago on January 4th my life changed.  I’ve experienced more pain than ANYONE should every have to.  I’ve seen more doctors than I can even remember, been stuck by more needles than I would have ever liked, had more MRIs or CTs than advisable (yeah, I’m not ALLOWED to have anymore unless I’m practically dying).  It took 2 years before I received my first accurate diagnosis and another year and a half before I would experience my first remission – August 13, 2009.

That August day my life changed again.  The first month I was more or less waiting for my head to start hurting again, but it didn’t.  I went crazy! I was working 3 jobs and coaching a high school dance team.  I was finally able to go out and REALLY act my age.  Life was great!  I met my husband, we had our daughter and shortly after she was born the pain I had forgotten about reminded me how we used to be frenemies.  It didn’t’ stick around long that time and would only show up every once in a while over the next 3 years.

February 13, 2013 (wow, a 13 again) I received my promotion at work to Property Manager.  Hello instant stress! I was a first time manager and learning to run my asset like it was my own.  I think it was around April that I decided to get Botox to help with my “migraines” I was having again.  YES! 3 months of NO PAIN!!!!! Well once it came back again I decided to live with it again before I started what would become my final downfall into complete hell and “Bitch” face was born, except mine never rested.

All the painful details from the day Bitch came leading up to June 7, 2016 are documented in previous posts.  I documented a good portion of the year since then.  I also started an instagram (@theachybrain) to allow me to quickly add pictures of how I was feeling on days I didn’t want to write and I found myself posting there more frequently.  I’m thankful to have this blog and those pictures to look back and remember just how strong I can be, especially on days I feel like giving up.

Am I 100% pain-free now, no but I’m a hell of a lot better than I ever was before!  And I was told it was a possibility I would never be completely pain free again.  I tend to have 2-3 good weeks now followed by 1-2 bad days.  Stress and weather still seem to play a huge role in how I feel.  Mother Nature and I haven’t come to an agreement yet for my little bubbly of continual sunshine so I try to limit my stress as much as possible.  My face can accept touch now, the wind doesn’t always hurt it AND I have my hair back!  Would I do all of this over again? IN A HEART BEAT! Dr. Casey SAVED my life.